Hydraulic System for Manual Expanding

General description

The new TECO hydraulic manual expanding system is an easy to operate tool specifically designed for enlarging tube ends to produce the slight contact required between the tube O.D. and the tube sheet hole.
Prior to welding the joints.
It can also be used to calibrate tube ends.
It is also used to fix the tube into the tube sheet hole before normal expansion by means of a conventional expander.


  • Centering of the tube in the tube sheet hole.
  • Minimum stress on the material.
  • No stressing of the tube surface.
  • Total circumference expanded in the required area.
  • Easily changed to another tube size.
  • Simple operation and adjustment.

Electro hydraulic pump trolley mounted consists of:

  • Power: 400/220 Volt – 3 Ph – 50/60 Hz.
  • Two-Stage pump flow capacity:
  • 61/mm. at 0-60 bar.
  • 01/mm. at 60-350 bar.
  • Oil tank capacity : 7.5 litre.
  • Electrical Solenoid 4/3-way valve : 24 Volt A.C.
  • Remote control : hand switch.
  • Frame size:
    L69cm x W18cm x H68cm
    L27″ x W7″ x H27″
    provided with ball bearing type swivel wheels and brakes.
  • Glycerine filled pressure gauge scale 0-400 bar.
  • Complete with set of hydraulic hoses, 20 feet (6 metres) long, with High-Flow quick couplings.
  • Weight complete: 49 kg (107 lbs).

Light weight hydraulic double-acting cylinder

Capacity: 80 KN.
Stroke 50 mm (2″)
Weight: :9.5kg (21 lbs).
  • Adjustable housing for expansion range.
  • Suspension ring.
  • Locking ring.
  • Slotted ring with index.
  • Handle with switch.
  • Quick change couplings.

Expanding tools available

Minimum 8 mm (5/16″) l.D.
Maximum 100 mm ( 4″) l.D.