Hydraulic Operated Gripper Type Tube Puller for Condenser Tubes

Very fast – easy to use – light tool (patented)

When re-tubing condenser and other similar types of unit containing non-ferrous tubes this specially developed Hydraulic Gripper Tube Puller removes tubes or tube stubs without damaging the tube sheet holes. This unit can pull up to 4 to 6 tubes per minute. The hydraulic ram has a single cycle stroke of 6 inch and a pulling power of 7 or 11 tons.
The hydraulic pump operates at a pressure of 700 Bar and has High-Flow quick couplings.

The hydraulic gripper tube puller consists of

  • Gripper tube puller unit (Patented)
  • Stop nut
  • Replaceable Gripper shells
  • Bushing
  • Puller mandrel


  • Hydraulic Ram either: 7 or 11 tons pulling power with collar.
  • Hydraulic Pump (electric or pneumatic) see page 40.
  • Hand or Foot-switch, pump will only run when switch is operated.
  • Connection hose with High-Flow quick couplings.


Tube Size Model No. Grippers set Puller Mandrel Stop-Nut Bushing
5.8″ O.D.-16-18 Gauge
16 mm 0.D. to 12.70-13.50 mm I.D.
CTP -625-16-18 GCTP -625-16-18 MCTP -625-16-18 SCTP-3/8″-24 BCTP-7/16″-20
5/8″ O.D.-19-22 Gauge
16 mm 0.D. to 13.90-14.60 mm I.D.
CTP -625-19-22 GCTP -625-19-22 MCTP -625-19-22 SCTP-3/8″-24 BCTP-7/16″-20
3/4″ 0.D. 16-18 Gauge
19.05mm O.D. to 15.75-16.60 mm l.D.
CTP -750-16-18 GCTP -750-16-18 MCTP -750-16-18 SCTP-7/16″-20 BCTP-7/16″-20
3/4″ 0.D-19-22 Gauge
19.05 mm 0.D. to 16.90-17.65 mm I.D.
CTP-750-19-22 GCTP-750-19-22 MCTP-750-19-22 SCTP-7/16″-20 BCTP-1/2″-20
7/8″ 0.D.-16-18 Gauge
22.20mm O.D. to 18.90-19.70 mm I.D.
CTP -875-16-18 GCTP -875-16-18 MCTP -875-16-18 SCTP-1/2~-20 8CTP-1/2″-20
7/8″ 0.D.-19-22 Gauge
22.20mm O.D. to 20.10-20.80 mm I.D.
CTP -875-19-22 GCTP -875-19-22 MCTP -875-19-22 SCTP-1/2″-20 BCTP-1/2″-20
1″ 0.D-16-18 Gauge
25.40mm O.D. to 22.00-22.90 mm I.D.
CTP-1000-16-18 GCTP-1000-16-18 MCTP-1000-16-18 SCTP-1/2″-20 BCTP-1/2″-20
1″ O.D.19-22 Gauge
25.40 mm O.D. to 23.30-24.00 mm I.D.
CTP-1 000-19-22 GCTP-1 000-19-22 MCTP- 1000-19-22 SCTP- 1/2″-20 BCTP-1/2″-20
1 1/8″ O.D.-16-18 Gauge
28.50mm O.D. to 25.20-26.00 mm I.D.
CTP-1125-16-18 GCTP-1125-16-18 MCTP-1125-16-18 SCTP-1/2″-20 BCTP-1/2″-20
1 1/8″O.D. 19-22 Gauge
28.50mm O.D. to 26.40-27.10 mm I.D.
CTP-1125-19-22 GCTP-1125-19-22 MCTP-1125-19-22 SCTP-5/8″-18 BCTP-5/8″-18
1 1/4″ O.D.-16-18 Gauge
31.75mm O.D. to 28.45-29.30 mm I.D.
CTP-1250-16-18 GCTP-1250-16-18 MCTP-1250-16-18 SCTP-5/8″-18 BCTP-5/8″-18
1 1/4″ O.D-19-22 Gauge
31.75mm O.D. to 29.65-30.35 mm I.D.
CTP-1250-19-22 GCTP-1250-19-22 MCTP-1250-19-22 SCTP-518″-18 BCTP-5/8″-18